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Meet Our Team

Working at ONA

We’re a close-knit group of architects, interior designers and project managers.  
  • Project Framework
    Creating buildings is a function of investment, owner vision, public need, bureaucracies, consultants, contractors, mysterious hangers on, ideas and lengthy processes. Each of these factors exerts its own particular influence over the project, typically without any regard for the big picture and the end goal. Navigating the delivery process requires a resilient strategy to be developed based on deep experience and a thorough understanding of the effect of early decisions on the quality of outcomes. Setting the direction of the project is where we start with you in developing a Project Framework. This framework underpins the end value of your project, the ease of its delivery and the quality of the built product. This direction setting starts way before design and will permeate the relationship that we have together. It is the way that we bridge between your many drivers and the design and delivery process that we manage for you. A unique Project Framework is developed for each project for every client. The framework is wholistic and unbiased. It works to consider all of the inputs and drivers to project success and then develops a strategy that creates highest value. On the ground, this framework is developed through the following steps.
  • Outcome
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  • Systems
    Our robust systems and processes provide you with surety of the quality of delivery and the mitigation of project risk. We dedicate intense effort to the implementation of meaningful business management systems. We do not adopt the tick box approach. Our systems are targeted to producing: • High quality yield data that you can rely on for your feasibilities • Documentation that is unambiguous and gives full coverage to contractors’ requirements • Effective coordination of secondary consultants work and outputs • Verification of compliance with authority and statutory requirements • An integrated product that protects your interests Our focus on business management systems has culminated in ONA achieving ISO 9001:2015 certification and being awarded PQC Level 3 status from the Queensland Government. In addition, our clients have the peace of mind that we hold the required Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and Workcover insurances at levels sufficient to protect all involved.
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