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Mixed Use


BMI Group


Colmslie, Brisbane

Traditional Owners

Jagera / Turrbal





O’Neill Architecture, Rivermakers Mixed Use, Brisbane architect, Colmslie, commercial building, commercial design, commercial architecture, industrial architecture, Rivermakers, workplace innovation, small-scale manufacturing, city fringe building, modern workspace

This commercial / light industrial building is an exemplar for new manufacturing processes.  

Rivermakers is at the forefront of creating workplaces that combine traditional commercial space with light industrial manufacturing. A developing scenario for this building type merges small scale manufacturing – often tech based – with in-house distribution, marketing, sales and product development.  


We have developed speculative plans that envisage a myriad of opportunities to be catered for within these generic but customised new type of city fringe building.  


The intention is that these proposals can achieve Development Approval in the first instance and then be customised as the actual tenant brief is known. This accelerates the development process and can bring product to market in a reliable and efficient manner.   

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